E-Sword Free Bible Software


E-Sword has many free ad-ons like dozens of Bible versions and several different languages, many commentaries, dictionaries all free. In addition to the free ad-ons there are reasonably priced products. Print out your own Bible studies.

Thru The Bible 


Download the complete five year study of the Bible in MP3 audio format by DR. J Vernon McGee. This is not a verse by verse reading of the Bible but an insightful commentary. The only copyright restriction is that you got it free, you give it free. I have often put complete books of the Bible on a single CD and listened as I drive.

Faith Comes By Hearing


Download dramatized audio Bibles free, complete  new testaments in 565 languages from around the world. These downloads are a straight reading verse by verse, but no commentary.



Not free but very cheap, I myself recommend the New King James Version  a case of 84 NKJV New Testaments for about $1 each.  They do have many different Bible versions.

Salvation Army 


This group is the best resource for help for substance abuse problems, need of food, or just a Bible believing church to attend.

Dr. Oliver B. Greene was one of the last great evangelist. Dr Greene in the summer would set up a tent for revival meetings. One of the tents measured 300 ft by 150 feet. Dr Greene founded "The Gospel Hour" radio program, and there still is a web site where where you can purchase resources

The American Center for Law and Justice


Basically defends the Christians Constitutional rights, very worthwhile organization.