E-Sword Free Bible Software


E-Sword has many free ad-ons like dozens of Bible versions and several different languages, many commentaries, dictionaries all free. In addition to the free ad-ons there are reasonably priced products. Print out your own Bible studies.

Faith Comes By Hearing


Download dramatized audio Bibles free, complete  new testaments in 565 languages from around the world. 



Not free but very cheap, I myself recommend the New King James Version  a case of 84 NKJV New Testaments for about $1 each.  They do have many different Bible versions.

Salvation Army 


This group is the best resource for help for substance abuse problems, need of food, or just a Bible believing church to attend.

The American Center for Law and Justice


Basically defends the Christians Constitutional rights, very worthwhile organization.

Thru The Bible 


Download the complete five year study of the Bible in MP3 audio format by DR. J Vernon McGee. These are not a verse by verse reading of the Bible but an insightful commentary. The only copyright restriction is that you got it free, you give it free. I have often put complete books of the Bible on a single CD and listened as I drive.