Intelligent Design Section

This first set of links links below feature  Stephen C. Meyers Ph. D.        

About three or four years ago I started looking at videos on the irreducible complexity of DNA, The so called simple is much more complex than the most modern computer controlled manufacturing plant, and the cell can replicate it's self, Anyway, to the point here are the best videos I have seen on the subject of "Intelligent Design"


Part 1  "Life : The Big Question"


Part 2 "What Darwin Didn't Know"


Part 3 "Molecules & Mousetraps"


Part 4  "How Did Life Begin?"  


Part 5 "Language of Life"         

Gods Fingerprint


The Fibonacci Sequence - Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality

Dr Jason Lisle


Convincing evidence that Astronomy Reveals 6,000 Year Old Earth