Virtual Witnessing through Facebook or other platforms

 I have found an easy way to reach people around the world with the good news of Jesus Christ as simply copying and pasting links on my Facebook page.  I have been looking through YouTube for the past several months flying the YouTube channels was many short videos that proclaimed the good news of Jesus and salvation.  Also there are many other instructional videos for the believer who is hungry to know more about the glorious Lord Jesus Christ.  You can find theology courses, studies of in time prophecies, how to witness personally to people, and much more. If you I have never shared a link on Facebook  simply click on  the share the arrow, then click on copy, after that is going to Facebook then start a new conversation by maybe a sentence about the video then right mouse click and paste the link.

The DLM Channel from South Africa should have appeal to millennial generation. If you like being informed and the complex made simple this site is for you, check it out.

Lion Of Judah Channel on Youtube

Excellent channel for short to the point evangelical of evangelical videos.  Many of the videos are under 15 minutes.  If a Video is too long one may lose interest. Lion of Judah videos are evangelical and designed to bring the sinner to repentance.  Many titles and subjects to choose from check it out.

Before the Second Coming of Christ, These Sins Will Take Over The World 

Grace For A Purpose

Lots of good short Bible based videos, really good for sharing

John 10:10 Project