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Recommended Ministries

J. Vernon McGee

Website / radio / Lots of audio and PDF downloads, everything you hear on "Thru The Bible Radio" can be downloaded free. Available in over 200 languages or dialects

Jack Hibbs

Expository teaching , pre-trib, pre millennial

Pastor Darrell Cummings

Share these timely and insightful YouTube videos


Christ Community Church Modesto - YouTube

Fort Pitt Farms Christian Community


Welcome to Fort Pitt Farms Christian Community! Even if this visit is only virtual, we trust you will be blessed by what you will see, read, and hear. We are a conservative Christian community near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada,  from Hutterite background that emphasizes obedience to Jesus Christ and the Gospel, while still respecting the individual and personal freedom of choice.

Note: Hutterites are traces back to “The Reformation” and are a branch of the Anabaptists.

And from their website you can learn a lot about them in addition to much free stuff such as many beloved old  hymns in MP3 form can be downloaded at no cost. You can listen to their sermons also and learn about them.

Because He Loves MeFt Pitt Youth Chior
00:00 / 02:43
Are You Washed in the Blood- Ft PittArtist Name
00:00 / 02:57

John MacArthur

YouTube, Radio, TV, Web, the GTY web site is set up so that you can download video MP4 files, audio MP3 files, or printable PDF's without special software, and is free for download. Also with the GTY smartphone app you can listen to sermons 24/7, there's also features where John MacArthur goes through the entire New Testament then once they reach the end they start over again and you could pick it up at any time.


Dave Hunt

Author of "Seduction of Christianity"," A Woman Rides The Beast" and more.

Oliver B. Greene

Radio/ many Books on EBay and Kindle,  Dr. Greene was one of the last great evangelist the went city to city holding revival meetings in a tent

Missionary Spencer Smith

Live streaming on YouTube broadcast for Q&A KJV Bible

Street Preaching and Apologetics at its best.

The videos on “ ask Cliff” YouTube channel are excellent for sharing, and learning from.

YouTube channel 



Download free tracts in PDF format.


Then download Soul Saving tracts free!!!

One 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of Paper will get you two Soul Saving Tracts.

See the video for instructions when ready click on one of the tracts below and save or print.

Important If your printer does not duplex ( print on both sides of the sheet) , then you will have to print one side, then flip the sheet of paper over then print the other side manually.

more to come

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