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Recommended Ministries

Still working on this page, BUT for now

Pastor Darrell Cummings

Share these timely and insightful YouTube videos


Christ Community Church Modesto - YouTube

J. Vernon McGee

Website / radio / Lots of audio and PDF downloads, everything you hear on "Thru The Bible Radio" can be downloaded free.

Jack Hibbs

Expository teaching , pre-trib, pre millennial

John MacArthur

YouTube, Radio, TV, Web, the gty web site is set up so that you can download video MP$ files, audio MP3 files, or printable PDF's without special software, and is free for download,


Dave Hunt

Author of "Seduction of Christianity"," A Woman Rides The Beast" and more.

Oliver B. Greene

Radio/ many Books on EBay and Kindle,  Dr. Greene was one of the last great evangelist the went city to city holding revival meetings in a tent

Missionary Spencer Smith

Live streaming on YouTube broadcast for Q&A KJV Bible

more to come

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