Theological Learning

"The Didache" also called

"The Teachings of The Twelve Apostles"

Other than the 66 books of the Bible "The "Didache" is probably the oldest writings of the early Christians dating back to the first century. It has been said by those who have studied the early Christian writings that some of the Apostles were alive when this statement of beliefs was first wrote down. Because different heresies have entered into the Church over the centuries it is important to know what the earliest Christians  believed.

Thru The Bible 


Download the complete five year study of the Bible in MP3 audio format by DR. J Vernon McGee. This is not a verse by verse reading of the Bible but an insightful commentary. The only copyright restriction is that you got it free, you give it free. I have often put complete books of the Bible on a single CD and listened as I drive.

 E-Sword Free Bible Software


E-Sword has many free ad-ons like dozens of Bible versions and several different languages, many commentaries, dictionaries all free. In addition to the free ad-ons there are reasonably priced products. Print out your own Bible studies.

Foundation for discipleship (Improve your Biblical expertise!)


Teacher / Pastor Brandon Holthuas

Has over forty video lessons, and adding more, ranging from 10 minutes to about 1 hour. Various topics are discussed such as;

The Bible and Divine Revelation, Inspiration Of The Scriptures, Dispensations, Covenants, The Trinity, God The Father, Deity Of The Messiah, The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, The Future work of The Holy Spirit, and more. Pick only the topics you would like to know more about. I find my self stopping and replaying portions of these videos over and over till I get a satisfactory understanding. Just click the yellow button FFD

Do you want more than a superficial understanding of the pre-trib rapture point of view? The debate is much deeper than you might think!

Liberty University has an online archive of papers in a downloadable PDF format authored Dr. Thomas D. Ice. Some of the titles are; "Premillennialism, and the

Post-Apostolic Fathers", "A Brief History of the Rapture", "Yet Another Pre-Darby Rapture Statement", " Dispensational Hermeneutics", " Ezekiel 38 & 39", in total there are 50+ different titles.


Lectures on the Book of Revelation

A major breakthrough in understanding Bible Prophecy. Dr. Ironsides believed 1920 A.D. that in the future Israel would become a nation again. In 1948 the ancient Biblical prophecy was fulfilled